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two way system, built in 6 channel mixer with 1 pair stand speaker

System Type:

2 Self powered 6.5”, 
two-way, bass-re?ex

Max SPL Output:

113 dB 

Frequency Range (-10dB):

64Hz – 22kHz

Frequency Response (-3dB):

77Hz – 20kHz

Coverage Pattern:

100° x 80°

Ampli?er Design:

Class D

Power Rating:

160 W (2 X 80W)

Package Dimentions (mm):

530 x 705 x 340

(H x W x D) (in):

20.9” X 27.8” x 13.4”

Net Weight:

11.38 kg (25 lbs)

Input Connectors:

6 inputs (2 Mono Mic/Line, 2 x Stereo)


1-2 are XLR / 1/4” jack combo connectors
XLR is a mic level input, 1/4” is a line level input, 3-4, one pair of 1/4” balanced TRS jacks (stereo), and a pair of RCA jacks (stereo) 5-6 is a 3.5 mm stereo jack

Input Impedance:

Ch 1-2 Combo: XLR 40 K Ohms Balanced
Ch 1-2 Combo: TRS 40 K Ohms Balanced
Ch 3-4: TRS 20 K Ohms Balanced
Ch 3-4: RCA 5 K Ohms Unbalanced
Ch 5-6: 3.5 mm 10 K Ohms Unbalanced

Output Connectors:

Monitor outputs: 
one pair of RCA jacks (stereo)

Signal Indicators:

Yellow LED indicates limiter active condition


Individual channel Bass and Treble controls, center detent, +/-12 dB cut and boost

System Limiter:

On Board DSP Limiting and Tuning

JBL EON206P - Pack 1

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