Main Inputs/Outputs

  • Mic/line inputs (1 ” 3): Analog channels with combination connectors accepting balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4" TRS audio cables.
  • Line inputs (4/5, L/R): Analog channels for stereo connections to keyboards, mixers and computers. Inputs accept balanced 1/4" TRS cable. Edit control affects both channels.
  • Trim controls and signal/clip LEDs (1 ” 4/5): Adjust levels of input signals. Green/yellow/red LEDs show signal status and help you set gain levels properly.
  • Preamp outputs (1 ” 3): For connecting channels' dry output signals to recording gear or other amplifiers via balanced 1/4" TRS cable.
  • Aux output: Use with aux mode to create independent submix of channels 1 ” 4/5 to route to other amplifiers or recording gear.
  • Master output: Analog output for connecting to additional L1 systems, amplifiers or recording gear via balanced 1/4" TRS cable. Select from pre- or post-master volume settings.
  • ToneMatch port: Connect digital output of engine to L1 Model II power stand via included ToneMatch digital cable. Single cable also supplies power to engine.
  • USP Port: Update ToneMatch audio engine and back up scenes via USB connection to your computer.
  • Dimensions: 2 2/3'' x 6 1/2'' x 8 1/4'' 
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (1.0 kg)
  • A/D conversion: 24-bits
  • Sampling rate: 48 kHz
  • PC requirements (for USB port): Windows 2000, 2000 Pro, XP
  • What's in the Box:
  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine box
  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine
  • ToneMatch cable
  • Mounting bar and carriage
  • Protective cover
  • Carrying bag


Color: black

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