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Projection System‎    DLP 0.67" WUXGA ‎

Native Resolution‎    1920x1200 pixels‎

Brightness (ANSI Lumens)‎    10000 ANSI Lumens‎

Contrast Ratio‎    100,000:1‎

Display Color‎    1.07 Billion Colors‎

Aspect Ratio‎    Native 16:10 (9 aspect ratio selectable)‎

Throw Ratio‎    LS1ST4 Ultra Short Throw: 0.377

LS1ST3 Wide Fix: 0.76

LS1ST2 Ultra Wide: 0.75 ~ 0.93

LS1ST1 Wide Zoom: 1.25 ~ 1.79

LS1SD Standard: 1.73 ~ 2.27

LS1LT1 Semi Long: 2.22 ~ 3.67

LS1LT2 Long Zoom1: 3.58 ~ 5.38

LS1LT3 Long Zoom2: 5.31 ~ 8.26‎

Projection Size‎    50" ~ 500" , Standard Lens‎

Zoom Ratio‎    LS1ST4 Ultra Short Throw: Fixed

LS1ST3 Wide Fix: Fixed

LS1ST2 Ultra Wide: 1.25X

LS1ST1 Wide Zoom: 1.41X

LS1SD Standard: 1.3X

LS1LT1 Semi Long: 1.65X

LS1LT2 Long Zoom1: 1.5X

LS1LT3 Long Zoom2: 1.55X‎

Lens Shift‎    Vertical: 0% ~ 50%

Horizontal: -10%~10%, Standard Lens

for futher information, please refer to the Lens Information‎

Lens Control‎    8 Lens (Motorized Zoom and Focus)‎

Keystone Adjustment‎    Vertical: ± 30 degrees‎ 

Horizontal: ± 30 degrees‎‎

Resolution Support‎    VGA(640 x 480) to WUXGA(1920 x 1200)‎

Horizontal Frequency‎    15K - 92kHz‎

Vertical Scan Rate‎    23 - 85Hz‎

HDTV/UHDTV Compatibility‎    480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p‎

Video Compatibility‎    NTSC, PAL, SECAM‎‎

Weight‎    28 kg‎

Dimensions (W x H x D mm)‎    500 x 211 x 583 mm ‎

Interface‎    HDMI x1

DisplayPort x1

DVI-D In x1

Computer In-1 (D-sub 15pin, Female) x1

Computer In-2(5BNC,YBPBR) x1

Monitor out (D-sub 15pin,Female) x1

3G-SDI In x1

3G-SDI Out x1

HDBaseT(RJ45 for Video Display and Network control) x1

RS232 In (D-sub 9pin, male) x1

3D Sync out x1

3D Sync In x1

Wired Remote In x1

12V Trigger x1‎

Power Consumption‎    1290W@100V, 1215W@240V (Typical)‎

Power Supply‎    100 ~ 240V AC‎

DMD type‎    DC3 DMD Chip‎

Light Source‎    Laser diodes‎

Light Source Life (Normal/Eco)‎    20000/45000 hours‎

Noise Level‎    42/39 dBA‎

Operating Temperature‎    0 ~ 45oC‎

Standby Power Consumption‎    Normal < 0.5W. Network < 6W. ‎

Security‎    Security Bar, Power Cord Lock‎

Feature‎    Custom Lightsource Mode (light power adjustment). Dicom Simulation Mode. 2D Keystone. Blank to True Black. Edge-blending. Geometric Correction. 3D Sync. 24/7 Hours Operating. Dust Proof Engine. Dual Liquid Cooling System. Auto High Altitude Mode. 360 Degree & Portrait Projection.‎

On-Screen Display Languages‎    English/ French/ German/Italian/ Japanese/ Korean/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Simplified Chinese/ Spanish/ Swedish/ Traditional Chinese (12 Languages)‎‎

Accessories (Standard)‎    Power Cord

Remote Control 

VGA cable(1.8m) 

Wired Remote Cable

Anti-Theft Screw

Lens Hole Cap

Installation Guide

Regulatory Statement‎

Accessories (Optional)‎    LS1ST4 Ultra Short Throw(5J.JCY37.001)

LS1ST3 Wide Fix(5J.JAM37.011)

LS1ST2 Ultra Wide (5J.JAM37.061)

LS1ST1 Wide Zoom(5J.JAM37.021)

LS1SD Standard(5J.JAM37.001)

LS1LT1 Semi Long(5J.JAM37.051)

LS1LT2 Long Zoom1(5J.JAM37.031)

LS1LT3 Long Zoom2(5J.JAM37.041)‎


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